Lions Eye Hospital, Ghaziabad has stood for excellence in eye care since 1991. A firm commitment to quality is at heart of all services provided at our centre. Since inception, the centre has continued to uphold the right approach to eye care. A team of specialist surgeons, clinical and research ophthalmologists are ably supported by highly trained staff members.

A fully array of state-of-the art equipment and a high-safety environment enables doctors to diagnose and treat eye problems accurately, safely and effectively. We are dedicated to maintaining our rich heritage of providing quality, cost – efficient healthcare to our all the patients country wide.

The hallmarks of the LEH model are quality care and productivity at prices that everyone can afford. A core principle of the LEH System is that the hospital must provide services to the society alike, yet be financially self – supporting. This principle is achieved through high quality, large volume care and a well – organized system.


  • Vision 2020 Fight blindness
  • Gift sight to visually deprived people
  • provides world class eye care services at affordable cost & to be recognized as leader qualitatively

  • Affordable quality eye care for all by providing Cost Effective
  • Equitable
  • Ethical
  • Cutting edge technology compassionately
  • Committed to improve health and satisfaction level

  • Sightfirst Statics TO CREATE and foster a spirit of understanding amongst the people of the world
  • TO PROMOTE the principles of good governance and good citizenship
  • TO TAKE an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community
  • TO CREATE the bond of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding
  • TO PROVIDE a forum for the open discussion of all matters of public interest; provided however, that partisan politics and sectarian religion shall not be debated

  • Since 1991 Lion members worked sincerely with full of devotion to establish this hospital as a prime Hospital of the area
  • The hospital has been serving both areas of the society
  • It has been performing several thousand cataract surgeries every year
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